In order to provide the kind of personalized care offered in this program, we must limit the number of patients in each doctor’s practice. We do not bill insurance for office visits.
The fee reflects the national averages for doctors providing this kind of enhanced service.
Many of you have struggled under the traditional system and are not satisfied. The fee allows us to provide the kind of service you want to receive and the kind we want to give.
You must carry insurance to cover additional medical services; such as, bloodwork, immunizations, diagnostic testing, specialist visits and hospitalization.
Insurance does not cover any part of the membership fee. The fee is paid out of pocket by patients who want to be part of a smaller, more personalized medical service.
Of course but just like private insurance no part of my fee can be submitted to Medicare for reimbursement.
You do not pay a co-pay for office visits. However, all bloodwork and immunizations are billed to private insurance and any necessary deductibles or co-pays would apply.
The fee covers all of my primary care services provided at Premier Private Physicians with no additional co pays or deductibles.
I have selected hospital physicians I trust to admit my patients and I will work together with the hospital staff and sub-specialists to oversee your health and condition during your hospitalization.
We believe more physicians will begin offering this kind of service as patient and physician dissatisfaction grows. I am grateful to you, my patients and friends, for supporting me, and to my family and colleagues who have mentored me and encouraged this concept. Many things are changing in medicine but quality must always be the primary focus.